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Average Cost of Flights to Australia

One of the premier destination spots in the world is the continent of Australia. With its alluring charm and never-ending list of fun and exciting things to do on the mainland, going Down Under has never looked so good. Planning ahead for this trip is a must if you want to get affordable plane fare.

Average cost of plane fare to Australia from the United States

Depending on your departure location, the cost of a plane ticket to Australia can vary drastically, along with the time of year you plan to travel. Currently, a round-trip flight departing from LAX and arriving in Sydney, with departure from now until the end of December, is going to cost around $1400. This same flight, leaving from Orlando in Florida is running about $1700 round-trip, and if the flight is leaving from New York, the cost is about $1600.

Average cost of a flight to Australia from other parts of the world

If your departure point is somewhere else in the world, the average cost of flights varies. A round-trip flight departing from London to Sydney has a price tag of about $1030. As the distance shortens between the departure city and Australia, the fare drops accordingly.

Cost of business flights to Australia

No matter where you are leaving from in the United States, if you plan on getting there via business class, the cost is dramatically higher. For this same flight, you are looking at spending at at least $3000 to fly round-trip to Australia from the States.

Flights to Australia can get pretty pricey, so it is best if you plan ahead and book your flight early to get better pricing. Most airlines let you book at least three months in advance for international flights, while others allow even more advanced booking times.